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Jabba's Throne (Walmart Exclusive)

Jabba's Throne (Walmart Exclusive)
Jabba's Throne
Jabba's Throne from Walmart looks awesome in my star wars collection, its many details on Jabba and on his throne. You can look on some video in youtube and everyone just loves it. If you makeing a diorama from jabba's Palace you have to get this one.
jabbasthrone-t.jpg Jabba's Throne (Walmart Exclusive) : 653569502852 Price: $184.99
"Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb sit on a throne as Oola dances for the crime lord. The loathsome Hutt is momentarily entertained by the Twi'lek dancer's graceful performance. His monkey-lizard cackles with glee, knowing that Jabba will soon turn to some other amusement, such as throwing another victim to the hungry rancor.

Features throne with rolling wheels, removable Jabba the Hutt, removable Salacious Crumb and includes 3.75"" tall dancing girl Oola.

Jabba's tail is also poseable."