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The Riddler (Hush)

The Riddler (Hush)
the riddler review
this is a great figure,the articulation is in the head,shoulders and legs.two problems i have with the figure is you have balanced him on the display stand and dc direct should of added more question marks to his green business suit.overall i am satisfied with the figure.
theriddler-hush-t.jpg The Riddler (Hush) : 761941243702 Price: $49.99
Edward Nygma was obsessed by riddles, constantly confounding the Dark Knight by leaving clues at the scenes of his crimes. But The Riddler recently masterminded a grand plot against Batman, pulling the strings of the masked madman Hush! The BATMAN HUSH: THE RIDDLER ACTION FIGURE measures approximately 6 3/8" tall, features multiple points of articulation and comes with his cane and hat. This figure also includes a Batman logo base.