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8" Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins) - Reviews

8" Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inchspiderman-ssso-t.jpg 8" Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins) Price: $39.99
At a scientific demonstration, Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had been exposed to a huge dose of radiation. He fell ill, only to find himself suddenly imbued with amazing powers. When a passing car nearly ran him down, he discovered the ability to jump huge distances and cling to walls, not to mention his danger detecting "spider-sense" and super strength.

When the arrogance born of his newfound powers led him to allow a fleeing thug to escape, something happened that changed his life. The same thug later gunned down Peter's beloved Uncle Ben. Nothing would ever be the same. From then on the streets of New York City fell under the protection of the amazing Spider-Man. Features fabric costume.