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Super Poseable Smeagol Stoor Fisherman (Trilogy) - Reviews

Super Poseable Smeagol Stoor Fisherman (Trilogy)

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superposeablesmeagolstoorfisherman(t).jpg Super Poseable Smeagol Stoor Fisherman (Trilogy) : 035112815235 Price: $29.99
One of a Hobbit-like people who made their living upon the banks of the River Anduin, Smeagol enjoyed fishing with his cousin Deagol in their small boat. It was during one such fishing trip that Deagol fell into the water and emerged with a most extraordinary treasure. It was an event that would change Smeagol's life forever. Enraptured by the lure of the One Ring, he tried to take the precious find from his cousin and in so doing began his descent in to the darkness that would eventually claim his very identity, twisting him with its evil into the wraith-like creature Gollum.