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Mole Man (Fantastic Four)

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moleman(ff)t.jpg Mole Man (Fantastic Four) : 035112451044 Price: $39.99
"Lurking in the very depths of the Earth, ruling over the myriad denizens of Subterranea and Monster Isle, is the maniacal Mole Man! Shunned by his fellow humans due to his odd appearance, the man who would later become the Mole Man set out in search of a legendary kingdom within the Earth itself. Find it he did, and he soon set himself up as the leader of the Moloids, small humanoid creatures who would do his bidding. In addition to his extraordinary intelligence, cunning, and fighting prowess with his staff, the Mole Man also controls a legion of giant monsters! Only a band of heroes as powerful as the Fantastic Four could hope to stop the Mole Man's invading hordes! Features twirling combat staff!"