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Cyclops & Colossus (X-Men Origins Wolverine) - Reviews

Cyclops & Colossus (X-Men Origins Wolverine)

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cyclopsandcolossus-xmo-t.jpg Cyclops & Colossus (X-Men Origins Wolverine) : 653569395737 Price: $79.99
Much attention is paid to the fighting skill displayed by Wolverine, and all of the X-Men benefit from his training. It is Cyclops, however, who truly teaches the team to fight. Before coming to the school, Colossus was, like Wolverine, all instinct and raw power. Cyclops taught him to use his strength fully, and never to rely on the invulnerability of his metal skin. Colossus wins now not just because of the strength of his muscles, but because of the keenness of his mind.

6" tall figures.