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Wolverine (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series) - Reviews

Wolverine (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series)

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wolverine-redhulk-t.jpg Wolverine (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series) : 653569334880 Price: $99.99
Haunted by nightmares of a half-remembered past, Wolverine has worked for years to quell his inner demons. Gifted with the phenomenal ability to heal any injury, and process any poison, he has proven to be almost indestructible, after nearly a century of fighting. In an effort to expunge the demons of his past, he adventures with both the X-Men and the New Avengers. His life as a Super Hero has carried him around the world, and across the universe, battling evil in all its forms.

Includes the right arm of Red Hulk.