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Rodian Jedi & Battle Droid (2 of 6) - Reviews

Rodian Jedi & Battle Droid (2 of 6)

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rodianjediandbattledroid-t.jpg Rodian Jedi & Battle Droid (2 of 6) : 653569499510 Price: $94.99
The Jedi Knights rush to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme from execution. The Jedi brandish their lightsabers against the Geonosian warriors and the massive army of battle droids, super battle droids and droidekas. All hope seems lost that any Jedi will survive this battle, then Yoda arrives with an army of clone troopers. Although many Jedi are lost that day, others survive this climactic battle that ushers in the Clone Wars. Each are 3.75" scale.