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Cobra Legions 5-Pack

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cobralegions-t.jpg Cobra Legions 5-Pack : 653569262473 Price: $53.99
For 25 years, the evil COBRA organization has sought to take over the world and defeat the GI JOE team. They have used every mans necessary to further their goals: devastating weapons, destructive weather machines, swarms of COBRA B.A.T. robots, and legions of COBRA TROOPERS. Led by the ruthless COBRA COMMANDER, the COBRA organization has many powerful members in its ranks including the silver-masked DESTRO, the ultimate warrior SERPENTOR, the ninja master STORM SHADOW - and many more. Mark 25 years of malicious COBRA forces with this five-pack of articulated action figures. Each figure comes with a weapon and a display base, making it easy to display and add to your collection! Show off your COBRA allegiance with COBRA logo case that plays the COBRA theme song! Includes COBRA COMMANDER, STORM SHADOW, GAS MASK TROOPER, HISS DRIVER and AIR TROOPER figures with weapons and display stands. Five-pack of articulated action figures celebrates 25 years of the malicious COBRA forces! Comes with a COBRA logo case that plays the COBRA theme song!

Logo includes 3 “AAA” batteries.