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Guardians of the Galaxy 4-Pack (Marvel Universe)

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guardiansofthegalaxy-mu-t.jpg Guardians of the Galaxy 4-Pack (Marvel Universe) : 653569583028 Price: $42.99 On Sale! $29.99
"In the wake of the devastation left by the Annihilation War, the galaxy was unprotected. In a forgotten place at the edge of the universe, a group of heroes came together, determined to fill that void. From their base in deep space, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY protect the cosmos from threats both large and small. This 4-pack of heroes is just the dynamic team you need for amazing ""intergalactic"" adventures! These detailed figures come with the weapons they need to defend the galaxy against all evil. Arm them with their blasters and knives and send your DESTROYER, STARLORD, ROCKET RACCOON and GROOT figures into one adventure after another! Set includes 4 figures that measure from 1"" to 4.5"" tall and includes accessories."