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Iron Monger with opening cockpit (movie) - Reviews

Iron Monger with opening cockpit (movie)

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ironmonger-openingcockpit-t.jpg Iron Monger with opening cockpit (movie) : 653569292616 Price: $69.99

Driven to heroism by personal tragedy, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark resolves to change the world, becoming the invincible Iron Man!

All the power of the Iron Monger is focused on the destruction of Iron Man. As the two mighty, armored figures struggle, the pavement cracks around them, buildings shudder, and glass for miles around shatters from the shockwaves of their blows.

Incredibly detailed action figure, based on the movie character, features an opening cockpit! When the cockpit is open, the pilot's face is revealed! This "iron"-clad villain is ready to destroy anything in his path and he's heading for your neighborhood!

6" tall.