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18" Captain Teague (with sound)

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18inchcaptainteague-t.jpg 18" Captain Teague (with sound) : 634482302408 Price: $74.99
All stand back and fall silent! The Keeper of the Code is here! Possibly the father of Jack Sparrow, the mysterious Captain Teague joins the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. This surprisingly convincing 18-inch action figure presents an amazing likeness to actor and musician Keith Richards as Captain Teague, the Keeper of the Pirate Code. This impressive statue comes with 2 pistols, a sword, and matching base. Articulation includes ball-jointed neck and shoulders, with swivel forearms, wrists, waist, and ankles. Best ye buys this and abides by the Code, too! Captain Teague, played by Keith Richards, is the father of Captain Jack Sparrow. Not much is known about him other than he may have been born in British Colonial India (the same as Jack) and may have even been employed by the East India Trading Company. Captain Teague was once the Pirate Lord of Madagascar but resigned to become the Keeper of the Code. He firmly believes the Pirate Code is law and will shoot any man who says otherwise. He appears to be very well respected-- if not feared-- among the Pirate Lords, as they all immediately fall silent when his name is called to bring forth the Code. He can silence all of them with a mere glare. The New Visual guide states that he is the Keeper of the Code and it may only be summoned when a Pirate Lord demands it. He seems to be based on the famous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) and has a long black beard and dreadlocks, much like his son.

The mysterious pirate from the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Captain Teague gets the deluxe treatment. Teague says 10 movie-accurate phrases:

* You're in my way boy.
* The code is the law.
* The brethren court has spoken.
* Sea turtles mate.
* Honor the call.
* Take what you can, give nothing back.
* Present your piece of eight.
* It's not just about living forever, it's about living with yourself forever.
* A pirate's life for me.
* Dead men tell no tales.

Comes with 2 pistols, a sword and matching base. Articulation includes ball-jointed neck and shoulders.