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Batman & Two-Face (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham City) - Reviews

Batman & Two-Face (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham City)

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batmantwoface-dcu-legacy-t.jpg Batman & Two-Face (DC Universe, Legacy Edition, Arkham City) : 746775034184 Price: $129.99
Former Gotham City district attorney Harvey Dent was transformed by a chemical accident and became Batman's schizoid nemesis, ultimately sent to spend his days at Arkham Asylum, but when Mayor Quincy Sharp declares the insane asylum unfit for criminals, he creates Arkham City - a lawless, walled city whose inhabitants are free to live out their most horrific nightmares. Two-Face, seeking to stake his claim and establish his super-criminal reputation, kidnaps Catwoman and intends to perform a public execution of the Feline Fatale.

As gangs of criminals prowl the streets of the walled Arkham City, Batman searches for a sign of Catwoman, AKA Selina Kyle. But time is running out. Now in the acid-charred hands of Two-Face, Catwoman is about to face trial and public execution with the insane former district attorney as the judge and the jury. Batman must find Catwoman in time, save her from Two-Face and escape alive - a feat even Batman will find nearly impossible!

Each stand 6.5" tall.