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Clone Commando Squad 4-Pack

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commandosquad4pack-t.jpg Clone Commando Squad 4-Pack : 653569507048 Price: $74.99
Elite troopers are part of the Republic's huge army of cloned super commandos. As the war progresses, specialized units are created to carry out operations in addition to ground combat. Captain Rex is Anakin Skywalker's second in command during the Clone Wars and commands the renowned 501st Legion. Advanced Recon Force (ARF) troopers ton on reconnaissance missions to gather information about the enemy. Clone pilots are experts in the cockpits of gunships, transports and starfighters. Clone troopers wear special breathing gear when the battle takes them into the vacuum of space to breach enemy vessels.

Includes Clone Trooper with space gear, Captain Rex, Clone Pilot and ARF Trooper.

Each figure has a unique card, accessories and a battle die.