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Fire Blast Human Torch (Rise of the Silver Surfer)

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fireblasthumantorch-movie-t.jpg Fire Blast Human Torch (Rise of the Silver Surfer) : 653569230366 Price: $64.99
Johnny Storm lives his life on the edge (specializing in fast cars, pretty girls and extreme sports). But Sue's younger brother has another, more serious side. He's the best pilot and astronaut in the world. While piloting Reed's experimental space station, a cosmic wave pounded Johnny's body, turning him into a human fireball and changing his life forever. Now, when the Human Torch isn't using his fiery power to aid the Fantastic Four, this "hothead" can often be found pulling a prank or two on unsuspecting teammate, Ben Grimm.

6" scale figure includes 2 launch-able flame blast projectiles and snap on flames.