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Sgt. Bazooka vs. Dreadnok Torch - Reviews

Sgt. Bazooka vs. Dreadnok Torch

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sgtbazookavsdreadniktorch-t.jpg Sgt. Bazooka vs. Dreadnok Torch Price: $49.99
Dreadnok Torch loves to take apart complicated mechanical objects in the least complicated manner possible, which in his case means slicing them into scrap metal with his customized cutting torch (which can also function as a weapon). He doesn't find pleasure in wanton destruction as much as he finds an inadequate relief, like scratching a mosquito bite while wearing an oven mitt. He is proficient in motorcycle maintenance and small arms repair, which is probably his main saving grace in the eyes of his fellow Dreadnok members. They are happy to have him work on their own bikes and weapons as long as they can keep an eye on him in case he gets the urge to start cutting instead of repairing. The way the Dreadnok gang utilizes him in a fight is to point him in the directon of the GI Joe team and make sure his flame is turned up all the way. Includes accessories and a weapon that fires projectile.