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Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (The Clone Wars)

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corporatealliancetankdroid-t.jpg Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (The Clone Wars) : 653569426103 Price: $99.99
Produced by the Corporate Alliance, the Persuader-class tank droid is a fully automated combat droid, often used by the Separatist forces for short-range reconnaissance. With its moderate size and firepower, the tank droid is generally used as a complement to a larger assault force, evaluating enemy strength and attacking their front line forces. Their two outrigger treads can be fitted with weapons to increase their assault capability. Tank droids are deployed on various worlds during the Clone Wars, including Geonosis, Kashyyyk and Christophsis.

Tough-looking and intimidating, this futuristic tank vehicle is loaded with details to help whisk you away on all of your own imaginative Star Wars adventures! Fit a figure behind the opening gunner door (figure sold separately) to man this exciting tank. Then, roll out with the working tank treads. With its “missile”-firing cannon, your galactic adventures are sure to be out-of-this-world!

Vehicle comes with projectile accessories and instructions.