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Constructicon Devastator (Legends Class, Walmart Exclusive) - Reviews

Constructicon Devastator (Legends Class, Walmart Exclusive)

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constructicondevistator-lc-wm-t.jpg Constructicon Devastator (Legends Class, Walmart Exclusive) : 653569481379 Price: $199.99
Never before has a robot so powerful been seen anywhere in the galaxy. Indeed, few forces on Earth can match the strength and fury of Constructicon Devastator. He is the equal of Earth's most powerful storms - a ferocious destroyer of all in his path. He is so huge that the very thought of engaging in direct combat against him makes even the stoutest Autobot quake in fear. No one knows how to defeat him, but if the Autobots hope for victory, they will need to find a way.

Includes Overload, Scavenger, Scrapper, Mixmaster, Hightower, Rampage and Long Haul.

Measures approximately 6" tall in combined mode.