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Armor Wars Part I (Super Hero Squad)

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armorwarspartI-shs-t.jpg Armor Wars Part I (Super Hero Squad) : 653569454953 Price: $59.99
"Iron Monger is back and more powerful than ever! As the giant Super Villain smashes his way through Stark Industries, Iron Man and his friend War Machine prepare to bring the battle to the bad guy. Iron Monger might be tough, but against two supersonic Super Heroes he doesn’t stand a chance.

A mighty battle is about to begin — and it’s up to you to fight it! Pit your heroic Iron Man and War Machine figures against your villainous Iron Monger figure to decide which “metal-clad” warrior will win. They’ve got the armor, but you’ve got the power!

Three-pack of exciting, stylized characters includes Iron Man, Iron Monger and War Machine figures!"