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Yoda vs. Sidious (Unleashed) - Reviews

Yoda vs. Sidious (Unleashed)

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yodavssidious(unleashed)t.jpg Yoda vs. Sidious (Unleashed) Price: $74.99
The two most powerful masters of the Force in the galaxy are locked in a battle that pits ultimate good against ultimate evil. Yoda's expression blazes with intensity and determination, while Sidious' twisted face snarls with hatred and fury. The Republic is crumbling around them, but the galaxy could still be saved if the Jedi Master can defeat the Sith Lord. The two opponents are equally matched as they skillfully parry and strike with their glowing lightsabers. Yoda calls upon his tremendous powers to levitate above Darth Sidious and push his foe into a defensive stance. In turn, Sidious hurls deadly Force lightning at the diminutive Jedi Master. The struggle of an entire galaxy is encapsulated in these two adversaries. The power of the Force emanates from them, charging the air with hope and dread, as each seeks to find one moment of weakness in which he can overpower his enemy.