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Jango Fett (The Saga Collection, #020) - Reviews

Jango Fett (The Saga Collection, #020)

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jangofett(tsc020)t.jpg Jango Fett (The Saga Collection, #020) Price: $49.99
After spending yars in the bounty hunter limelight, Jango Fett makes a deal with the mysterious Lord Tyranus to live on Kamino and act as a template for a clone army. Thousands of clones are grown in Fett's likeness, but only one has been commissioned to be an exact, unaltered clone of Jango. During the Battle of Geonosis, Jango succumbs to the mighty Mace Windu, but his unaltered clone, Boba, is set to carry on the Fett bounty hunter tradition. Includes an exclusive hologram figure.