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Spider-Man Triple Battle Truck

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triplebattletruck-t.jpg Spider-Man Triple Battle Truck : 653569505273 Price: $89.99
You and your Spider-Man figure are ready to track down your toughest foes, no matter where they run! This cool vehicle starts out in battle truck mode, but you can easily convert it to a fighter jet vehicle or even an attack boat vehicle! From thrilling jet engine sounds to ferocious speeding boat sounds and cannon blasting sounds, each vehicle activates new sounds to really intimidate your opponents. As the engine light glows, you can activate the 11 heroic phrases to get yourself and your figure ready for action and let your enemies know that you're ready and raring to chase them down. When you reach them, launch your web missile accessory and the battle is as good as won!

Vehicle includes a Spider-Man figure and firing web missile accessory.

Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included).