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Sith Infiltrator Titanium Limited Die-Cast (MicroMachine) - Reviews

Sith Infiltrator Titanium Limited Die-Cast (MicroMachine)

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sithinfiltrator-titanium-t.jpg Sith Infiltrator Titanium Limited Die-Cast (MicroMachine) Price: $24.99
"Darth Maul navigates his personal starship, the fearsome Sith Infiltrator, to Tatooine in search of Queen Amidala and her Jedi protectors. His ship is equiped with probe droids, and he uses them to locate his targets. Once found, Maul hops onto his speeder and engages Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn in an awesome lightsaber duel. Features retractable landing gear, fold-out wings and includes a display stand."