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Spikor (Classics)

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spikor-classics-t.jpg Spikor (Classics) : 746775086411 Price: $74.99
Pair a prickly personality with a spiky suit of armor and you get this bad-boy blacksmith, skilled at creating arms of destruction for the dark side. This long-awaited, fan-demanded figure finally arrives complete with removable armor, vintage war club, and three interchangeable hands, including both long and short tridents, as well as a human hand for his vintage Filmation/mini-comic look.

Spikor Bio
Real Name: Kleffton

Originally a blacksmith from the Eternian village of Nordling, Kleffton was fused with an enchanted suit of spiked armor and a mystic trident when he attempted to steal a sacred scroll from the city's high priests. Banished from his home, Kleffton became an outcast, wandering into the Sands of Time. He was discovered by Skeletor who saw his natural talent to forge weapons and recruited him to battle against the Snake Men. Now called Spikor, he serves Skeletor by creating new arms and armor for the Overlord of Evil. 6" tall Spikor uses his spike-studded body and trident arm as mighty weapons!