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Mole Pod with Terra-Viper (The Rise of Cobra) - Reviews

Mole Pod with Terra-Viper (The Rise of Cobra)

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molepod-t.jpg Mole Pod with Terra-Viper (The Rise of Cobra) Price: $33.99
COBRA MOLE POD vehicles drill through the walls of the underground G.I. JOE PIT headquarters. Using a composite carbon steel drill bit that chews through solid rock, these powerful drilling machines are just one of the attack vehicles masterminded by DESTRO, the head of M.A.R.S. Industries. When a TERRA-VIPER is driving, any large, fortified structure is in trouble.

The G.I. JOE underground headquarters are in trouble when the COBRA MOLE POD vehicle is deployed, especially when there’s a TERRA-VIPER driver behind the wheel! MOLE POD vehicle features a front-nose spinning drill, opening cockpit and firing missile; and comes with TERRA-VIPER action figure.