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Elite Infantry (Code Name: Cobra Air Trooper) - Reviews

Elite Infantry (Code Name: Cobra Air Trooper)

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eliteinfantry-codenamecobraairtrooper-t.jpg Elite Infantry (Code Name: Cobra Air Trooper) Price: $24.99
COBRA AIR TROOPERS specialize in air assaults, using jet backpacks to fly into their target areas. As ground forces keep the enemy busy below, the air troopers sweep in from above. COBRA troopers who show exceptional air combat skills are selected for this elite force and given special training in airborne attack tactics. They also fly COBRA fighter jets on combat and scouting missions for COBRA COMMANDER.

Thwart your GI JOE team members with this elite infantry action figure. Complete with weapon, a jet backpack and a display stand, you’ll want to have this 25th anniversary action figure in your collection!