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Clone Tank Gunner (CW36)

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clonetankgunner-cw36-t.jpg Clone Tank Gunner (CW36) : 653569425984 Price: $24.99
Some clone troopers received specialized training in targeting and operating the Republicís heavy artillery. These tank gunners control the laser cannons on All-Terrain Tactical Enforcers (AT-TEs), Turbo Tanks, Republic Gunships and other heavy assault vehicles. Trained in marksmanship and battle tactics, tank gunners blast the droid army with destructive firepower.

Get ready for battles of epic proportions with this awesome Clone Tank Gunner figure! Help him charge into action and fight for the fate of the galaxy with his firing missile launcher accessory. Even when heís just standing at attention in your collection, this mighty figure is sure to inspire all kinds of out-of-this world adventures!

Figure comes with firing missile launcher and other weapon accessories.