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Shockblast vs. Nightcreeper (The Rise of Cobra) - Reviews

Shockblast vs. Nightcreeper (The Rise of Cobra)

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shockblastvsnightcreeper-troc-t.jpg Shockblast vs. Nightcreeper (The Rise of Cobra) Price: $29.99
Using their very best skills and putting their cool weapons and combat accessories to the test, Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra Shockblast And Night Creeper can battle it out to prove who's really the better fighter. Shockblast is a S.W.A.T. specialist who trains the G.I. Joe team in urban tactical response. The Night Creeper forces are a secret group of high-tech ninjas that perform field intelligence operations and covert infiltration for Cobra. These two warriors are so well-matched, you'll have to send them into skirmishes again and again.

Includes Shockblast and Night Creeper action figures.

Each figure comes with combat gear and weapons accessories, plus an Arashikage tattoo and stickers.