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Super Poseable Shagrat Mordor Uruk-hai Warrior (Trilogy) - Reviews

Super Poseable Shagrat Mordor Uruk-hai Warrior (Trilogy)

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superposeableshagratmordorurukhai(trilogy)t.jpg Super Poseable Shagrat Mordor Uruk-hai Warrior (Trilogy) : 035112814993 Price: $74.99
An Uruk of Mordor, Shagrat is among those stationed alongside a troop of lesser Orcs in the Cirith Ungol watchtower. Like most of his kin, Shagrat looks down on the crooked-legged Orcs he begrudgingly shares his post with. Tall and broad-shouldered, the Uruk-hai consider themselves a superior race and are not bound by the same rules of obedience that hold the small Orcs in Sauron's service. When Frodo's belongings are brought to the tower, Shagrat takes a liking to certain choiced items, igniting a disagreement that will have significant consequences. 6" tall.