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AT-AP All Terrain Attack Pod (The Clone Wars) - Reviews

AT-AP All Terrain Attack Pod (The Clone Wars)

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atap-tcw-t.jpg AT-AP All Terrain Attack Pod (The Clone Wars) Price: $59.99
"Designed as mobile battlefield armor, the All Terrain Attack Pod is an essential walker for the clone troopers. The center leg gives the AT-AP additional stability for crossing rough terrain, as the clone troopers who operate it blast the enemy with the vehicle's projectile launcher and cannons. AT-AP walkers were used on Ryloth in the battle to liberate the Twi'lek people from the Separatists.

Launch yourself into action with this awesome AT-AP vehicle! Its 360-degree rotating ""cannon"", articulated legs, swing-up center leg and swing-up hatch covers make every battle feel more like the ""real thing"". Meanwhile, the projectile accessory launcher and chin-mounted laser cannon accessory make this a lean, mean battling ""machine""! Fit three figures (each sold separately) inside and blast off for adventure!

Vehicle comes with projectile accessory and instructions."