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Transformers Universe Mini-Con Class 12 Pack (Armada Series) - Reviews

Transformers Universe Mini-Con Class 12 Pack (Armada Series)

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transformersuniverseminicon12pack-t.jpg Transformers Universe Mini-Con Class 12 Pack (Armada Series) : 653569342076 Price: $124.99
The small brethren of the Autobots and the Decepticons fled Cybertron long ago, in search of refuge from the never-ending war. The Mini-Con robots are living power batteries that larger robots use to enhance their already formidable weapons and abilities. Many Mini-Con teams were broken apart or destroyed utterly by the greed of the Decepticons, or the desperation of the Autobots. Now, only a few intact teams are left to roam the universe, living in peace and isolation from other Transformers.

Includes fully transformable 2" - 3" long Autobots of Backstop, Heavytread, Bodyblock, Makeshift, Knockdown, and Flatfoot.

Includes fully transformable Decepticons of Suppressor, Cloudraker, Blight, Boltflash, Brimstone and Skyhammer.