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12" Mr. Blonde

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12inchmrblonde(t).jpg 12" Mr. Blonde : 747720211230 Price: $69.99
The classic anti-hero, Vic "Toothpick" Vega was enlisted into Joe Cabot's ranks again after four years of silence in the pen. As the deal goes down, his normal aggressive attitude escalates to psychosis as he begins shooting random victims. So the team could escape, Mr. Blonde grabs a cop as a hostage and later viciously tortures him without remorse. Mr. Blonde meets an ugly and ironic demise at the hands of one of his very own team members, the undercover cop - Mr. Orange. Includes display stand, gun, watch, razor blade, bloody ear, pack of smokes, cigarette, lighter, shades, roll of duck tape, cup of soda and can of gasoline.