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Spider-Man (Titanium Series Die-Cast)

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spiderman-tianiumseriesdiecast-t.jpg Spider-Man (Titanium Series Die-Cast) Price: $39.99
"New York City is full of super heroes. To most of them, itís more a base of operations than a home though. Johnny and his family spend a lot of time out of town (sometimes way out of town) saving the planet, and the Avengers have their own issues to deal with. The X-Men only even come to the City when somethingís already blowing up or Magneto tries to steal the Statue of Liberty or something. Which leaves a whole city full of innocent folks and the bad guys who terrorize them every single day.

As Peter Parker, Spider-Man has plenty of troubles of his own, but over the years since that fateful spider bite, heís learned the same lesson over and over again. There will always be evil men in the world, willing to use their power at the expense of others. It is up to people of conscience to rise to the challenge of protecting the weak, even at a great personal cost. It is the responsibility of the powerful to lay down their lives in defense of the innocent.

Sling into action with this die-cast metal figure struck in an action pose and comes with a display stand. This is one awesome figure for your collection!"