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Black Gate of Mordor Gift Pack

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blackgateofmordorgiftset(t).jpg Black Gate of Mordor Gift Pack : 035112814238 Price: $159.99
The north and west borders of the land of Mordor are walled by two forbidding mountain ranges. Where these ranges meet is a blackened valley of slag and ash across which the mighty Black Gate of Mordor stand. None could pass that way save with the permission of the Dark Lord. The gates are manned by legions of Orcs and other hideous creatures. The strength of great Trolls is needed to open them. Through these towering iron gates the innumerable forces of the lands in the service of Mordor march to join the already vast host gathering for Sauron's war. Includes Legolas, Gimli, The Exclusive Mouth of Sauron with Steed, Aragorn with Anduril Sword, and Gandalf The White.