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New Goblin (Unleashed 360)

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newgoblin-unleashed-t.jpg New Goblin (Unleashed 360) : 653569217336 Price: $124.99
Granted incredible strength, speed and damage resistance by his fatherís goblin serum, Harry Osborn becomes known to the world as New Goblin. Screaming through the air aboard his sky stick, leaving a trail of black exhaust and crazed laughter behind him, he stalks Spider-Man through the Manhattan skies. With enough pumpkin bombs to level a city block, and blades to spare at his disposal, thereís no way the web slinger can escape!

Experience the incredible world of Unleashed 360! This collectible figure is the ultimate in posable detail, bringing the New Goblin character to "life." Featuring multiple points of articulation and a configurable base ideal for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf, this super-poseable figure lets you recreate the intense action of the evil super villain! 8" tall New Goblin figure comes with sky stick display stand.