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Bilbo Transfixed (Trilogy)

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bilbotransfixed(trilogy)t.jpg Bilbo Transfixed (Trilogy) Price: $29.99
"For many long years Bilbo Baggins kept safe the One Ring of Sauron even though he, at that time, had no inkling of the trinket's true power. True of heart though he was, so great is the corrupting influence of the Ring that even Bilbo begins to slowly fall under its evil spell. In his wisdom, Gandalf bids the gentle old Hobbit to let the Ring be passed to his nephew Frodo. Finally relenting, Bilbo does as asked and takes his leave, retiring to Rivendell. It was there, much later, that Bilbo sees the Ring again, and it draws out of the frail old man a frightening response that even he never expected."