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Hellspawn Biker Chick (repaint)

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hellspawnbikerchick(repaint)t.jpg Hellspawn Biker Chick (repaint) Price: $74.99
The Club exclusive figure for Spawn Series 25: The Classic Comic Covers 2 is a fully repainted version of the Hellspawn Biker Chick. Standing 6 3/8 inches tall, she is articulated at the neck, upper arms, wrists and ankles. Club-exclusive package includes figure with removable gunbelt and chain, silenced pistol and automatic rifle with massive angelic Hellspawn hunter blade. This figure is a re-interpretation of the previously (2002) released Club piece that originally appears as inside comic art in Hellspawn #6. Only available in limited supply through the Collector's Club Store, the Series 25 version of Biker Chick features an entirely new paint scheme.