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Sydney Savage

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sydneysavage(t).jpg Sydney Savage Price: $34.99
Sydney Savage, a striking, sassy and vivacious component of the Danger Girls, originates fittingly from the picturesque and lively continent of Australia. Though often reprimanded for her wild and unorthodox procedures, Sydney more often than not justifies her lawless techniques. Of all the Danger Girls, Syndey takes the most advantage of her good looks, deploying her curvaceous form to distract and defeat the girls primarily male antagonists. Though the Danger Girls have immediate access to radically advanced combat weapons, Sydney frequently warms up to her trusty leather bullwhip. When in need of a weapon with longer range, Sydney lofts her custom Beretta FS17 9mm pistol and Steyr-AUG automatic rifle. Sydney's also qualified with the M24 Sniper Weapon System - a rifle system which boasts an impressive 1000 meter range.