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Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto (Marvel Universe) - Reviews

Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto (Marvel Universe)

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blackcostumespidermanandmagneto-t.jpg Black Costume Spider-Man & Magneto (Marvel Universe) : 653569442714 Price: $84.99
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the greatest crossover event of all time. After an all-out assault on the villainís base of operations, Spider-Man finds his costume all but destroyed. As the dust of the massive battle settles, however, he discovers a strange, alien machine that appears to generate a new costume, and he rejoins his fellow heroes sporting a wild new look. Meanwhile, Magneto and the X-Men keep watch over mighty Galactus, alert for any hint that he has begun the deadly process of destroying the very world on which they stand. Join forces with your two new hero friends and prepare to save the day! Send your Black Costume Spider-Man and Magneto figures into battle against their enemies and decide if the bad guys will win or if your mighty warriors will triumph. Even just standing in your collection, these two are a force to be reckoned with! Figures come with Secret Wars Issue #8 comic book. 3.75" scale.