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Cliffjumper (Movie Deluxe)

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cliffjumper-moviedeluxe-t.jpg Cliffjumper (Movie Deluxe) Price: $29.99
Surly and impatient, CLIFFJUMPER is almost the exact opposite of his friend BUMBLEBEE. Where BUMBLEBEE is sneaky and careful, CLIFFJUMPER is just loud. He’d rather find the nearest DECEPTICON and blow him away than sneak around “gathering intelligence.” If you know where the bad guys are, you really don’t need to know anything else, reasons CLIFFJUMPER. Why not just start blasting and pick up any date you need afterward from the smoking wreckage? With MEGATRON and the AllSpark destroyed, hunting DECEPTICONS is easier – and more fun – than ever. Convert this detailed robot-to-vehicle figure from robot mode to sporty concept vehicle mode and back again. Robot mode features a cannon that converts to a blade weapon to assist in enemy battles.