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Armadillo Tank vs. Serpentor's Air Chariot - Reviews

Armadillo Tank vs. Serpentor's Air Chariot

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armadillotankvsserpentorsairchariot-t.jpg Armadillo Tank vs. Serpentor's Air Chariot Price: $39.99
An Armadillo Tank driven by Ralph "Steeler" Pulaski heads into a surface-to-air battle with Serpentor's Air Chariot. The G.I. Joe tank is rocked by a missile attack from the Cobra emperor's hover vehicle, then Steeler aims the tank's twin cannons at the flying menace and returns fire!

Armadillo Tank features rotating turret, elevating cannons, simulated treads with free-rolling wheels and includes a Ralph "Steeler" Pulaski figure.

Serpentor's Air Chariot features rotating hover-props, serpent's head turns and mouth opens and includes a Serpentor figure.