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Jon Talbain & Baby Bonnie Hood

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jontalbainandbabybonniehood-t.jpg Jon Talbain & Baby Bonnie Hood Price: $94.99
Born in England in 1940, Jon Talbain discovered that his blood-line was cursed. During the full moon, Jon undergoes a transformation from man to werewolf. He is a brave and virtuous warrior with a pure soul trapped in the lethal body of a swift and brutal beast. To protect society from his horrendous transformations, Jon retreated into the woods where he spent his days channeling his rage lest he give in completely to the bestial side of his nature. The only way to regain his humanity and lift his curse is to exceed his own limits by defeating the other Darkstalkers.

Baby Bonnie Hood is a Dark Hunter - she stalks Darkstalkers for profit. She packs a picnic basket full of automatic weapons and with her deadly arsenal she seeks to rid the world of every last Darkstalker. Although she appears as an innocent young girl, she is in face a fearless fighter who goes into battle for the sheer thrill and will stop at nothing until all Darkstalkers are defeated.