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Optimus Prime 2 Titanium Series Die Cast - Reviews

Optimus Prime 2 Titanium Series Die Cast

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optimusprime2-titanium-t.jpg Optimus Prime 2 Titanium Series Die Cast Price: $49.99
Chosen by the Matrix to lead the Autobots on their mission to Earth, Optimus Prime is the very embodiment of all that every Autobot strives to be. He is the soul of honor and compassion, dedicated to the preservation of life and freedom for all creatures. His affection for those he protects is matched only by his ferocity in battle. He has faced them many times, and knows that there can be no surrender and no compromise with the treacherous Predacons.

In addition to being an ideal leader, he is a war machine of incredible power. Nearly unbeatable in single combat, his enemies have resorted to an endless string of dirty tricks to lay him low, only to see him rebound every time, stronger than ever before. His strength and confidence, however, hide a deeply reflective spirit. During solitary moments, he has been known to doubt his skill as a leader, for his deep compassion has - at time - clouded his judgement. Thankfully, his brilliant mind and the dedication of his compatriots have always manged to snatch victory from the evil claws of the Predacons.

Features hidden arm blasters and converts from robot to fire truck. Combines with his brother Ultra Magnus to form Omega Prime.