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Man-At-Arms (Classics, re-release)

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manatarms-classics-reissue-t.jpg Man-At-Arms (Classics, re-release) : 027084738070 Price: $154.99
En guard! Enemies of He-Man would be wise to be well-prepared for battle when Man-at-Arms is at our hero's side! Following an initial successful run in July 2009, his figure is re-released with no changes other than a packaging burst stating "The Original" on the front right corner that calls out his lineage from the 1984 line. Man-at-Arms comes complete with these accessories:

* Electronic Power Sword
* Removable armor
* Mace
* Dagger
* Pistol
* 2 Interchangeable Heads

Man-At-Arms Bio
Real Name: Duncan

For two centuries, the Eternian weapons master and combat instructor to the royal family has been called the "Man-At-Arms." Trained by the renowned tactician Dekker and a veteran of the Great Unrest, Duncan was asked by King Randor to step into this position and fortify his guard with an elite strike force, which he named The Masters of the Universe. In addition to his skills in combat, Duncan is also a great inventor and helped construct an electronic version of the Power Sword for Adam to use until he could unite both halves of the sword of King Grayskull. Man-At-Arms and his adopted daughter Teela often scout the borders of Eternia for signs of lurking evil.