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callisto(t).jpg Callisto : 035112420033 Price: $39.99
Callisto, a ruthless woman leading a bank of cutthroats on a bloody rampage, tells a terrified village survivor to spread news of the destruction and identifies herself as Xena. When the real Xena learns of this charade, she and Gabrielle set out to find the imposter. Xena comes upon Callisto and her warriors in the process of sacking another village. Xena lets loose with her chakram, but Callisto catches it. They draw their swords and a fierce battle ensues which proves them to be evenly matched. Xena learns that Callisto's family died in the village of Cirra when Xena and her army laid waste to the village. Now Callisto is determined to exact her revenge for the death of her family. Features spring attack action. 6" tall.