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Captain America vs. Morrigan

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captainamericavsmorrigan(t).jpg Captain America vs. Morrigan Price: $59.99
When Steve Rogers volunteered to serve his country by undergoing the experimental super-soldier augmentation process, Captain America was born. Captain America is the defender of truth and justice, and is the living embodiment of freedom. He has sworn an oath to protect the weak and shepherd the innocent. Armed only with an unbreakable shield, Captain America guards the freedoms held most dear. Captain America features a clip-on shield!

Morrigan Aensland is a Scottish vampire who has roamed the earth since 1678. Morrigan haunts the catacombs of Castle Aensland, and during nights with a full moon, she ventures into the mortal world to satisfy her lust for battle. Although Morrigan draws her supernatural powers from the dark dimensions, her motives are not evil. Morrigan can channel the forces of darkness into her devastating "soul fist" attack and her wings are razor sharp weapons. Morrigan has the ability to hypnotize mortals and most men are powerless to resist her dangerous embrace. Morrigan features "Soul Fist" clip-on bat and wing attack action!

Thrust into combat against an unknown opponent, Captain America senses the darkness that fuels Morrigan's powers. But is this beautiful creature of the night truly evil or is she merely a pawn in Onslaught's mad scheme?