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Offroad Ironhide (Movie Voyager)

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offroadironhide-movievoyager-t.jpg Offroad Ironhide (Movie Voyager) Price: $49.99
Infused with the power of the AllSpark, this old warrior feels like he just rolled off the production line. It's great to feel young again, and with the war over Ironhide feels free to indulge his wild side in the mountains and deserts of Earth. Together with his new human friends, he's having the time of his life conquering the most challenging trails on the planet, from Death Valley to the darkest Amazon basin. Of course, if something gets in his way he can't drive over, well, he can just blast his way through it with his newly supercharged weapons systems. No one said the end of war meant he never got to blow stuff up again.

Features quad-missile cannon fires 4 projectiles.