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Raid on Enemy Headquarters 3-Pack (Super hero Squad) - Reviews

Raid on Enemy Headquarters 3-Pack (Super hero Squad)

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raidonenemyheadquarters-shs-t.jpg Raid on Enemy Headquarters 3-Pack (Super hero Squad) : 653569583110 Price: $24.99
Captain America: Ultra-tough super soldier! Motorcycle: Our hero's sweet ride! Hydra Soldier: Evil servant of Red Skull! Unleash a battle of "super" proportions! This two-pack of chunky super-powered dynamos come in battle-ready poses, just waiting for you to put them in action. Pit the evil powers of your Hydra Soldier figure against the might of your heroic Captain America figure and his super speedy motorcycle vehicle. Set up the fight and help the good guys "save the world"! Two-pack of 2" tall Captain America and Hydra Soldier figures comes with a motorcycle vehicle.