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8" 1st Appearance Punisher (Spider-Man Origins) - Reviews

8" 1st Appearance Punisher (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inch1stapperancepunisher-t.jpg 8" 1st Appearance Punisher (Spider-Man Origins) Price: $39.99
Frank Castle wasn't always this way. He had a life once. He had a family. But the brutal murder of his wife and child took away his family, and a cover-up by corrupt police swept away the last tatters of his former life. Frank Castle went under-ground, leaving behind his pursuit of justice, forgetting his quest for revenge, focusing on one thing, and one thing only: finding those who do evil and punishing them for their crimes.

The Punisher doesn't concern himself with right or wrong as long as the bad guys get what's coming. He hasn't got any super powers to lean on, no super-senses or indestructible skeleton. He's just a man. A very, very dangerous man. If you cross that line between good and evil, remember that sooner or later, he's coming for you.

Includes an Amazing Spider-Man comic featuring Punisher's first appearance.