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Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI 07 (Avengers) - Reviews

Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI 07 (Avengers)

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reactionarmorironmanmarkvi-t.jpg Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI 07 (Avengers) : 653569710011 Price: $24.99 On Sale! $14.99
"There are forces in the universe of which science has only the most basic understanding. This armor was designed to explore the very edges of black holes, where time is twisted inside out, and matter is crushed to nothing. Where not even light can escape, you can find IRON MAN thriving. This is IRON MAN like you've never seen him before! This Reactron Armor IRON MAN Mark VI figure looks just like the same metal-clad hero you've always admired. But this IRON MAN figure fights in different situations, and that calls for all new weaponry. His advanced black and blue armor let him fight where noone else could, and his enormous plasma claw launcher gives him the firepower he needs to prevail anywhere in the universe! He's ready for anything and your Reactron Armor IRON MAN Mark VI figure will take your battles to the next level! Concept Series 07 Reactron Armor IRON MAN Mark VI. 4"" tall figure comes with weapon accessories."